With the Canoo RIA-Suite your enterprise business application resides in the cloud and can be presented through multiple channels on various devices. You can use UI technologies of your choice and exploit device specific features.

Canoo RIA-Suite

Develop with Canoo RIA-Suite

Rich Internet Applications for enterprise based on the proven ULC technology. Solid Java and JEE based server centric applications with rich UI widget set and business components.

Present applications on mobile devices

RIA-Suite + OpenDolphin enables presentation of a ULC application or parts of it on smartphones and tablets by sharing the server-side presentation and application logic.

Use the most suitable UI technology

Through integration of OpenDolphin into Canoo RIA-Suite you can use UI technologies such as ULC, JavaFX, JavaScript/HTML5 and iOS/Android that is best suited to a device.

Use features of mobile devices

The integration of OpenDolphin into Canoo RIA-Suite enables utilization of device specific features such as touch screen, camera or microphone to enhance end-user experience.

Be productive and save costs

Out-of-the box communication between client and server side presentation models enables fast application development, high developer productivity and low maintenance costs.

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We switched to ULC in the middle of a large software project, as we were not able to implement all the requirements with the technology we were using at the time. ULC then enabled us to at least double our productivity, in turn allowing the project to be completed on time.
Greg Hutchinson, Principal Developer, Farm Credit Canada

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