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Migration ULC 7.X to 8.X - Best practices
Dear all,

maybe I did not google sufficiently, but I am stuck with a couple of syntax errors after upgrading from ULC 7.X to ULC 8.X. Anyone, can point me to a web page summarizing best practices for replacing some method calls?

I not, maybe we can discuss here ...

Most urgently, I need to fix numerous: UIComponent.sendULC(String, Anything) which is not available any more ... I would opt for UIComponent.invokeULC but there is no method accepting an Anything. Shall I transform this to an Object[]? How exactly?

Thank you
Hi Felix,

As per our record you have a license for ULC 6.1 SD-0601-15501493871044848253 => delivered date: 2006-10-06

You do not have developer license for ULC 7 and ULC 8 and neither do you have support.

I would strongly recommend that you upgrade to ULC 8.0 license and purchase support for premium support and free upgrades in future.

Just a hint please have a look at ULC Extension Guide for new API for communication between client and server side ULC proxy.


Dear Janak,

thanks for the prompt reply.

We are developing on-site at Hermes Otto International who is owning licenses for ULC 7 and we are evaluating the migration to ULC 8. Hence, I just downloaded a trial license for ULC 8 to check the efforts necessary to migrate. If the efforts are acceptable, we will certainly upgrade (=buy) the license from ULC 7 to 8.

Can you point me to any best practice guide for migrating from ULC 7 to 8?
We have developed a number of extensions and after switching to ULC 8 libraries we encounter some syntax errors because the API has changed. Most syntax errors can be resolved easily by adjusting some imports but if you change not only the method name, but also the signature to a completely new type, the migration is not so obvious any more.

So having a simple list of ... replace this with that and adjust the parameters from this to that ... would be a great help.

Thank you and best wishes

Please refer to previous release notes that are part of the release. There is a section on Migration.



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