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ULC and Wildfly/JBoss
We had migrated your ULC application to wildfly. But now we have a huge number of total classes loaded in in VisualVM (JMX Monitoring) tool. Is there a problem with ULC Client (threads) and wildfly application server?
Is wildfly jboss working with ULC framework?
Hi Karsten,

We have not tested with Wildfly. However, ULC application is a servlet. It should run in any servlet 2.4 compliant application server.

As far as ULC client is concerned there are 2 threads - one is the AWT thread and the other is the communication thread on which the ULC client makes Http requests.

I don't understand your statement about "huge number of total classes loaded".

Normally when a ULC client connects to ULC app on server the server side classes that are part of your UI are instantiated on the server side. So the number of classes in your ULC application will depend on the kind of UI you have created with ULC components - it is application dependent



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