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VMs and JDKs
Hi Janak,
can you tell me, how Canoo will handle future Java-versions? Do you know, if your customers will switch to Java 11 (and paying for Oracle-Support) or to OpenJDK? Do you have any experience with OpenJDK?
What about other VMs like Zulu, Graal, … , any experiences?

Thanks a lot,
Hi Jens,

Thanks for this most important question which is currently bothering all Java developers.

1. I have tested ULC with Java 11 EA from OpenJDK and it works.

2. Java 11 does not have JWS. For this we have prototyped JWS alternative using . This will at least download the client side jars and start the ULC client using ULC's StandAloneLauncher.

See our Jira issue :

3. As for the future of Java please have a look at :

I hope this helps. Please come back if you have more questions.


Hi Janak,

thanks for the info. I assume, you don't see any problems with other VMs?

Hi Jens,

I have tested some with OpenJDK. I have not tested with other VMs but the sense is that there should not be a problem.

- Janak

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