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Hi ULC-Team,

I'm playing around with the java9 feature jlink. I'm trying to pack the client in a zip-file with the java runtime. For that it would be great if the ulc-core-client library would have a module information file.  Can you tell me if you are working on that, will it come maybe in one of the next releases?

greetings, henrik
Hi Henrik,

RIA Suite 9 is built with Java 8.

We have not explored jlink and modularization of jars of ULC so far.

Are you looking at jlink feature as an alternative for JWS?

Please see . It has info about one alternative to JWS.


Hi, not as an alternative for JWS, about that problem we talked already with Andreas and I build an own solution where I use spring boot to pack everything in a fat jar with 4MB in the end.

Now we are planing to distribute maybe ULC-Client with a java-runtime, I'm checking javapackager, launch4j, jlink and more.

But so on, I will check how I can pack the ulc-client in a module, we will see if it will work.

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