Canoo RIA-Suite Offerings

Canoo RIA-Suite = libraries, tools, services, and support to build rich internet applications that:

  1. run in the cloud
  2. allow you a choice of UI technologies like Java Swing, JavaFx, JavaScript/HTML5, and iOS/Android
  3. have rich GUI and enable access to device features
  4. enable you to present your applications on Desktop, in Browser, on Smart Phones and Tablets, and embedded devices like Raspberry Pi



RIA-Suite is a Java based library that significantly simplifies the development of web-based business applications with rich GUIs. It is based on an efficient and robust pure Java based technology : UltraLightClient (ULC). ULC provides a rich Swing based widget-set. ULC applications are server centric and can be deployed in JEE compliant web containers. The technology being fully Java/JEE standard based is simple to maintain and highly adaptable. ULC applications are impressive for their performance, robustness and attractiveness. Its homogeneous pure Java based server side architecture and out-of-the-box support for client-server communication increases developer productivity and reduces development and maintenance costs.

RIA-Suite includes ULC Core, ULC Chart - charting support, ULC Web Integration - browser integration based of JavaFx WebView, ULC Enterprise Portal Integration - to integrate ULC applications in an enterprise portal, OpenDolphin libraries, ULC OpenDolphin - an adapter to OpenDolphin, and ULC ServerPush - server push feature.

OpenDolphin is a slim open-source library that implements the highest degree of model-view-controller separation. Views and controllers compile independently and communicate solely through OpenDolphin's shared presentation models. This strict separation allows controlling the application logic on an enterprise server while the views display the application state on a remote client machine with all the capabilities of a desktop or mobile application.

OpenDolphin provides Java and JavaScript based client side libraries thus allowing you to implement your client side UI code in multiple technologies like JavaFx, JavaScript/HTML5, and even Swing. You can choose the UI technology that you think can best exploit the capabilities of the device on which your application client will run. Thus OpenDolphin is independent of the UI technology and yet it allows different clients to communicate and share the same presentation model on the server.

OpenDolphin libraries are included in RIA-Suite. However they can be obtained independently from OpenDolphin website. ULC OpenDolphin is an adapter that allows integration of ULC and OpenDolphin applications on the server via the OpenDolphin EventBus.

More about how ULC works : ULC Concepts.
More about RIA-Suite and OpenDolphin integration: RIA-Suite + OpenDolphin Concepts.


RIA-Suite-Business includes RIA-Suite and additionaly includes business components ULC Graph for creating diagrams and ULC Office Integration for creating, presenting and printing office documents.

ULC Load

ULC Load is a load and stress testing tool for RIA-Suite applications. Canoo offers this tool and support for one time or recurring load measurement of RIA-Suite applications.


Service Offerings

Canoo offers a comprehensive set of services around RIA-Suite and OpenDolphin products. These include consulting, development and training.


Product support

Canoo offers different kinds of support models for RIA-Suite products.