Services around Canoo RIA-Suite

How we help you to make your RIA-Suite and OpenDolphin projects a success:

  • Standardized and custom trainings - on site and at Canoo offices
  • Guidance and consultancy for
    • a jump start with RIA-Suite
    • creating compelling user interfaces
  • Development of custom controls and UI components that make your user interface unique
  • Set up and guidance for measuring scalability and performance of your RIA applications
  • Turnkey development and maintenance of applications and frameworks customized for your enterprise


ULC Load

Load and stress testing service for RIA-Suite applications using the ULC Load tool. For applications with a high number of users or critical performance requirements we offer a package that enables you to measure the scalability and performance of your application before you deploy it and to repeat this later once your application goes into production. Canoo will install and configure the required tools on site and will do the measurements together with your team. In case you want to do load testing on your own at a later stage our team will train your developers and also license the ULC Load tool.



Canoo Offers various training courses in:

  • UI technologies - RIA-Suite, JavaScript/HTML5 and JavaFx
  • .
  • Using OpenDolphin with RIA-Suite, JavaScript/HTML5 and JavaFx
  • .
  • Rich Internet Applications Architecture


Usability Engineering

Canoo offers consulting and training in Usability Engineering for RIA applications.