Try the Canoo RIA-Suite demos

Get to know various features of Canoo RIA-Suite and OpenDolphin via the demo applications presented below.

Canoo RIA-Suite Demos

ULC OpenDolphin

ULC OpenDolphin

ULC OpenDolphin Demo shows how a ULC Application shares its and presents its state through OpenDolphin applications that use JavaFx and JavaScript based UI while sharing the same server side presentation model. The demo also shows OpenDolphin JavaScript client running in ULC FxBrowser and sharing state with the ULC and the other two OpenDolphin applications. It is also possible to deploy the JavaScript client on mobile devices.

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ULC Server Push

ULC Server Push Demo shows how stock quotes are pushed to the ULC client from the ULC app on server as soon as they are available on the server and without the ULC client having to initiate a roundtrip. The demo also shows push feature of a OpenDolphin JavaFx client. In addition, the demo shows how the stock selection is shared between ULC application and the OpenDolphin JavaFx application.

Canoo RIA-Suite Demo


The Online Shop application demonstrates the advantages of using Canoo RIA-Suite to display large amounts of data. The user can browse through a hierarchy of 9000 products, navigate through the product categories, search for products, and add selected products to the shopping cart via drag and drop.

Canoo RIA-Suite Demo

ULC Office Integration

With ULC Office Integration's GeoOffice demo you can import an Excel file containing addresses into your ULC application by simply dragging it. Then using the address you can Geo locate the the location and show it in a map displayed in' ULC Web Integration - ULCFxBrowser component.

Canoo RIA-Suite Demo

ULC Enterprise Portal Integration

With ULC Enterprise Portal Integration existing portlet applications can be easily and efficiently augmented with Rich Internet Applications. This allows automatic pausing of the application when leaving the page as well as a resuming of the application when visiting it again without a manual saving action.

Canoo RIA-Suite Demo

ULC Graph

ULC Graph allows you to create and display diagrams and graphs by dragging and dropping shapes from a palette on to the canvas.

Canoo RIA-Suite Demo

ULC Chart

ULC Chart enables you to create interactive graphs and charts such as pie charts, bar charts, histograms, scatter plots, etc. to represent complex business and scientific data. Try it now in your browser or as a webstart application!

Canoo RIA-Suite Demo

ULC Widget Set

The ULC Set application displays ULC Core's widget set. Each tab shows a different ULC widget. You can interact with the widget and change its properties. In addition, you can browse through the source code of the demo.

OpenDolphin Demos

The following OpenDolphin demos show multi channel/multi device applications that share presentation model on the server and that are implemented with various UI technologies like JavaFx and JavaScript.

OpenDolphin Demo


OpenDolphin can feed multiple Java-based channels like Swing and JavaFX. Recent developments have extended this capability to web and mobile based on HTML5 and JavaScript. Enjoy the Demo Multi Channel.

OpenDolphin Demo


This demo ships with OpenDolphin and demonstrates how one user can change a value such that the change is immediately visible to all other users. Enjoy the Demo Multi Awareness.

Canoo RIA-Suite Demo

Interactive business applications

This demo ships with OpenDolphin and implements a rather conventional business application in a modern and interactive fashion. Enjoy the Demo Interactive business applications.