Canoo RIA-Suite Solutions

Find here some productive customer solutions and Canoo products implemented using Canoo RIA-Suite. Also shown are some of the lab projects that demonstrate sophisticated business components developed using Canoo RIA-Suite.

Products and Solutions

Canoo Volta

Canoo Volta

Canoo Volta is a solution for Swiss electrical installation companies. The software enables electricians to create quotes and invoices. Furthermore, they can administrate their customer information and order data. Canoo Volta is available for desktop and for tablet PCs.



PillarOne.RiskAnalytics is an actuarial calculation engine initiated by MunichRe insurance. The component-based modeling platform for deterministic and stochastic risk and capital models, allows users to work with (partial) internal models. Together with Intuitive Collaboration, Canoo provided major resources for the software development.



Swiss Poster Research Plus, a research institute for outdoor advertising, is provider of SPR+ Expert. SPR+ Expert is a planning tool to research media performance of poster advertising. Therewith, poster campaigns can be simulated, planned, optimized and controlled.


Coverflow and Watchboard

Present large amount of data in stylish, 3D coverflow GUI.


Visualize and analyze large geographical info data using GeoMaps.

BigTable Explorer

Navigate, drill down, and analyze large datasets in a Table.


How Canoo RIA-Suite works

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ULC Office-Integration

Drag and drop Excel files into your Rich Internet Application!

ULC Web-Integration

Browsers and web services easily integrated in a Rich Internet Application!

ULC Table Plus

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ULC Core

The features of ULC Core at a glance.

ULC Portal-Integration

Portlet applications can be easily and efficiently augmented with ULC applications.

Drag 'n' Drop

Drag and Drop between desktop office apps and RIA.

Rich Charts

See how users can be guided by animations.

FCC about Canoo

Greg Hutchinson (FCC) appraises Canoo.

Online Shop

An Online Shop with desktop feeling.

RIA in 5 minutes

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